May 19, 2020

2020-2021 Hairstyle Trends

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2020-2021 Hairstyle Trends

We had a very serious season and hair trends were not different in the fall of 2020. Austerity was the word that comes to mind with practical hairstyles that will not raise eyebrows in professional settings and keep your hair out of the way during physical activities.

Fall 2020 hairstyles that really fit the utilitarian theme included low ponytail, stylish brushed hair and a half-up look. There were also a ton of short haircuts for those who did not want to style their long hair.

However, there was also room for some fantasy, romance and even chaos-reflecting hair trends, including complex, large hair pieces, vintage-inspired curls and several very messy styles.

A little deeper than platinum but in the same blonde tone, this covetable shade became the most important blonde in hair color trends in the fall of 2020. The hair of the relatively newcomer Madeleine Fischer (walking for Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli) is a perfect example of what this blonde hair color should look like.

Strawberry blonde hair combines a warm and playful tone with the fine line between blond and red hair. This season, the natural strawberry blondes on the tracks have definitely portrayed cheerful hair color such as Rianne van Rompaey, one of the openers in Chanel, and Isabel Monsees, who walked for Prada, Valentino and more.

Cool, rich and dark – espresso hair is perfect for a cold winter. There was no shortage of models with striking deep hair color on the autumn runways. Especially Bella Hadid made a darker turn on the tracks of Lanvin, Burberry and Tod.

Autumn 2020 was the second most racially different season until model casting, and most of the beauties walking on the track had extremely dark, almost black hair. This was a season to celebrate natural hair, models with tight curls or pin-straight tears naturally shook her dark black hair.

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