May 19, 2020


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One of the best landscape design trends for 2020 is what is known as the ‘vertical garden’, especially for those who live in small houses or apartments. This is a great way to use the space efficiently by creating a garden that grows upwards using a trellis or something similar. In larger areas, a vertical garden can form a magnificent accent fence or a screen between different areas.

Busy lives require low maintenance in all areas of the house – none is more than a garden. Most of the materials that have appeared in the past few years embrace this perfectly, from artificial grass to porcelain veneer and composite flooring. Porcelain has really increased its popularity thanks to its durable structure and ease of maintenance. Porcelain paving tiles have been tuned to offer a lot in garden design trends for 2020, such as composite decking. Artificial turf also gives strong reign this year, a magnificent looking lawn all year round.

While minimalist designs and cool, stylish lines will still be strongly featured in garden designs in the coming months, we will also see creeping patterns and textures along with the creative uses of decorative gravel and other landscape materials. Gravel will offer a stylish transition between hard landscaped and soft planting areas and will blur the line between the two.

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