May 19, 2020

Home decor trends 2020

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Home decor trends 2020

There is no tendency to escape. Whether you live by them or feel completely unaffected, from popular paint tones to furniture options, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a broader trend.

We’ve seen previews of all your favorites on the street and beyond; and trust us when we look forward! We’ve completed the best home decor trends to help bring home freshness for 2020.

This is a fun, free-spirited interior trend inspired by abstract expressionist artworks. With bold geometries, hand-drawn sketches and fun color blocks, this look is all about expressing personality in our homes. The aim is to evoke emotion and create a mood – and it certainly is.

Bold patterns and sharp colors provide a more fun approach to styling a décor. As with the expressionist art movement, this trend celebrates the imperfectness and fluidity of hand-drawn forms – line drawings are an important focus in this view.

This is where color stands out. This trend allows you to be bold with colors, even with combinations – try the mustard with dark blue burnished red or mauve.

You want to make a statement in any room. This trend, which translates from canvas, is best represented flat in cushions, bed linens, idioms and wallpaper designs.

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